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Gif. of lungs - Studio Wolfless

Bunni Lives. Bosque Dies.

We all know how this story starts.

Bunni is obsessed with destruction and death. She comes from the healthiest Horned family in her country. She’s from the oldest, purest bloodline in the world. And she’s bored with it.

Bunni spends most of her time trying to escape her duties as a pureblood. She wants things dirty, messy, foul, inconsistent. Having parents that are willing to kill to keep their bloodline pure is annoying. Knowing that she’ll live a long, full life, produce more perfect children, and die unscathed is agonizing.

Bunni wants something to mourn.

We all know how this story ends.

Bosque is destined to die an agonizing death, alone on his family’s land. He’s watched everyone he loved and grew up with perish. Sometimes it was because of their disease. Sometimes it was because of the malice and hatred of others.

While he’s absolutely withdrawn and satisfied with his life, Bosque has never had a chance to live it. He spends his days basking in the sun, bathing in wood baths, and contemplating the end.

Bosque isn’t interested in joining the rest of the world. He’d rather die out, alone, where his family belonged.

Bosque wants to go peacefully.


But maybe something will change.

Juke Teroy stands with hands in his pockets - Studio Wolfless-| Astor the Immortal

Get a mouthful of Astor the Immortal

Astor the Immortal has launched, and chapter one is all about balancing acts between friends. Osh Snow is missing, leaving behind a frantic Astor, two sneaky best friends, and children that are only sort of normal. Who knows how he dealt with all of this when he was home, but he definitely wouldn’t up and leave without a fight. And fights with Osh don’t often end in both parties surviving.

Juke is especially vulnerable without his best friend and former bodyguard, and he’s growing increasingly unstable. What’s next for this group of tired but terrified runaways?

And what are they running from, anyway?

Astor the Immortal is a paranormal horror by Trey Briggs with art by Monte Miller.

Rabbit with antlers on fire for Vicious - Studio Wolfless - Start with Smoke

Before fire, there's smoke.

Every conflict starts somewhere.


The story of Bunni and Bosque leads into the story of Vicious, but between those events is another story: the beginning of the end of years of tension between The Tivahs, Notion’s primary family, and everyone else. Start With Smoke covers the three days that changed everything for Horns from the point of view of the people directly involved.


Everyone deals with the ugly actions of the Tivahs differently: Yoan clamors to get on their good side, Lyria dreams about being devoured by her enemies, and Aba buries himself in eating living things and ignores them. But this story marks the event that destroyed all possible peace everyone hoped would take hold.


This war was quiet, underground, and feared. This is how it came to light.

Thank you for reading!