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Astor the Immortal

Written by Trey Briggs | Art by Monte Miller
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Astor is Uneasy

Astor the Immortal tells the story of four doomed friends who escape their duties. In a world where monsters are given the same rights as humans (if not more), Astor Snow has to decide whether or not she will carry out her family’s duty. Her mother and grandmother decided not to, but they’re nowhere to be found. Things don’t go well when you shirk your responsibilities as food.

Astor isn’t alone in her shirked duties: Jukel Teroy, a Leviathan and best friend to Astor, wants desperately to avoid his fate at the bottom of the ocean. Noah Dill, his often bored and hopeless wife, juggles the balance between her starved husband and her panic-wrecked best friend, trying to find her place in the world after their escape. And Osh Snow, the facilitator of all this running, uses his ugly and violent background to protect all of them on the road to freedom.

Except now Osh is missing, and the three remaining Runaways have no idea how to save themselves, and their children, from their planned, violent fates.

Astor the Immortal is the story of tradition being broken, and the hard ways that it sneaks up on you and drags you back screaming into the depths.

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Get Caught Up

Juke Teroy is doing his best to keep things going smooth while Osh is … away. Except he can’t talk about what happened and refuses to admit that he’s having trouble navigating without his best friend. With the world falling to pieces, Juke struggles to separate reality from the many memories haunting him.

What does Juke know?




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The Characters of Astor the Immortal

Astor the Immortal is a story that spans four generations. We start with Astor, Osh, Juke, and Noah, but each character has their own set of problem relatives to deal with. Get to know the Devils, Curs, ruling families, and rogues that make up the world.


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